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believable hi-tech displays


Venom is clearly in the category of science fiction, but the film is set in near present-day reality. The challenge was to be realistic, rather than solely futuristic.


The smart production design, by Oliver Scholl, includes hand scanners and other touchscreens, in addition to standard computer workstations.

Our focus became conceptualizing future-leaning, but practical UI design. We researched current UI/UX trends and repeatedly saw a move towards window-less, widget-friendly surfaces that can be customized per user.

a live-action x-ray


Space exhibit @ life foundation


footage playback

One of our largest undertakings was the screen design for The Life Foundation’s Mission Control room, inclusive of a 32-foot projection screen & more than 90 computer/TV screens.

Two critical scenes in the movie show Carlton Drake reviewing surveillance footage.


As scripted, all we knew was the room needed to be bustling with activity. Ultimately, we landed on creating a toolkit of materials and edited sequences that we could manipulate live to provide as much flexibility as possible.

We worked closely with the Editorial Dept. to obtain specific shots needed for playback, then edited sequences, created different footage treatments & overlays and funneled everything into Disguise software, which could be adjusted as we were shooting.

Mission Control DESKTOPS