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BAZ: Star Crossed Love

BAZ: Star Crossed Love

For The Record Live expands the movies of director Baz Luhrmann into a rock-musical experience backed by epic lighting, sound, and projection design. Three crisscrossing love stories play out in a dream-like performance space, made by string curtains utilized as projection surfaces.


inspired by cinema

We joined the production’s creative team at an early stage to help conceptualize the look of the show. Drawing from the prolific work of the film’s production designer, Catherine Martin, paired with upbeat movie soundtracks, we had a great source of inspiration — but this show was meant to go beyond recreating the movies. We developed a plan to take the audience on a journey through the love stories by projecting wrap-around virtual backdrops.

behind the set design

The exquisite set design was the vision of designer Matt Steinbrenner. Thousands of yards of strings were utilized to sculpt the dimensional environment, including layers of columns and curtains. The main stage curtain receives video projection as well as the sides of the house, blended with integrated lighting design.

Projecting visual content on string curtains has a gentle, ethereal quality, that disappears like magic when the set is lit by traditional lights.






Ellis Island: The Dream of America

Ellis Island: The Dream of America